Polls and Recent Election Results

Each poll differs somewhat as the different organisations use different methods, and with East Wiltshire being a new constituency there are possibly more assumptions than in seats that are unchanged.

So, it's all very confusing and difficult to know which progressive party to back. That is why people react so positively to the idea of the primary and its aim of uniting us behind one progressive candidate - the People's Champion.

Latest predictions for East Wiltshire from leading pollsters

Links to these polls:

-  YouGov (April 2024); piechart below - you need to go to the bottom of the page and download seat details - link
- Stonehaven MRP; bar chart below - you need to select East Wiltshire on the map when using the link - link
- Electoral Calculus - link
- Election Maps UK - link

2019 general election results

From: UK Parliament

2017 general election results

From: UK Parliament